Our Avenue of Bluegum Trees

Posted on Thu May 12, 2022.

The 160 Blue Gum trees which line the entrance drive to the Rondekuil

Country Estate were planted over 100 years ago, long before “alien vegetation” became a buzz word within our society. These Blue Gum Trees have become an emblem to our estate, and warmly welcome visitors as they enter the main estate.

Some of our Blue Gums boast a trunk of over one meter in diameter. Without them, our welcoming landscape would be dull and lifeless. Their Latin name is “Eucalyptus globules”, and they thrive in any Mediterranean climate, and are native to Australia. Blue Gum trees can grow up to 55 meters in height, they are an evergreen tree, and provide a wonderful natural shade net. They shed their bark once a year, in the form of strips of bark, and their strips make for wonderful kindling for fires, or even a contributing factor to making a rich mulch for the garden. Not only are they a symbol to our brand, but they are also home to many different bird species which can be found on the Rondekuil Country Estate. Each year our resident pair of Cape Spotted Eagle Owls nurture their owlets in the safe hollow of the trunk of one of the trees, and raise their young under the shade of the majestic Blue Gum.

There might be much controversy surrounding the Blue Gum tree within South Africa, but at the Rondekuil Country Estate, we cherish our welcoming avenue of trees which have experienced more seasons than most of us ever will.