• Pet Friendly Accommodation
    Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accommodation Durbanville, Near Cape Town

At Rondekuil Estates we welcome all kinds of pets with open hearts! As long as guests make arrangements with us prior to their stay, you are more than welcome to bring your well behaved dogs, cats, or even birds, along. Because accommodation units are routinely fumigated, after being occupied by guests who have pets, a small charge of R150 is made in order to cover fumigation costs. In addition, a refundable deposit of R850 is required that can be used, in the event of there being additional cleaning etc, resulting from the pet(s) that guests bring to Rondekuil

Rondekuil Estates is like a small spread-out village so, generally speaking, pets do not create a significant nuisance for other guests staying on the property. We also rely on owners to exercise adequate control over their pets.

To make sure that guests understand the rules and regulations concerning the pet friendly accommodation offered by Rondekuil, please take the time to read the policy and warning below:

Policy – Pet friendly accommodation:

All dogs, cats, caged birds and any other well-behaved pets are welcome all year round. If pets sleep inside – please bring own pet beds and bowls. Pets are NOT permitted on the beds and furniture and pets must be free of ticks and fleas upon arrival. There is easy access to walkways from all the accommodation units. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside, or not contained in the enclosed areas surrounding the accommodation units.

There are cows and calves that are kept in camps near the main yard/werf of the farm and guests need to ensure that their dogs do not chase/interfere with these relatively tame cattle. Guests must clean up after their pets. Consideration must be given to resident dogs, cats, and other farm animals. Pets stay FREE, however, guests are responsible for paying for any damage caused by their pets.


Rondekuil is a farm and, like many areas in the Cape at certain times of the year, ticks and snakes are to be found, especially in areas where the grass is long. It is therefore essential that pets are treated for ticks before and after their visit to Rondekuil, and that clients understand that we cannot be held responsible for any illnesses caused by bites from any insect or reptile.