Our Blue Cranes At Rondekuil Country Estate

Posted on Thu May 12, 2022.

Each year, around spring time, we are privileged to be home to a breeding pair of Blue Cranes. They roost in the top field after the wheat has been harvested, and over the years have always hatched two chicks each season. As the spring and summer months go by, I often get a glimpse of the chicks from our gravel road, and, considering that they are listed as “vulnerable” with the South African experience a deep sense of pleasure and delight in watching them grow up. This evening, while walking the dogs, I was fortunate to sight our Blue Crane family again. The chicks are almost the same size as their parents now, and quite literally beginning to spread their wings and “hop” across the field, learning to fly. With autumn on our doorstep, it won’t be long until the family take flight, and head for the lower altitude areas of South Africa for the winter months, but I’m certain that they will be back again next spring.

Accommodating up to 130 guests, our Wedding and Conference venue continues to gain popularity, with many bookings already confirmed for the remainder of 2012. Both my wife and I are quite amazed at the variety of different types of functions planned for the year, we have an 80th birthday party, a 50th birthday party, weddings of course, a few conferences, and even kiddies parties booked. Our new Koi pond at the entrance to the centre has added both an aesthetic appeal, as well as become quite a conversation piece with visitors, and adds a wonderful backdrop for a photographs.

Our centre also offers a cash bar, an enclosed lawn area, secure parking, and is fully equipped for catering and conference purposes. Even in this, our driest months of the year, the Rondekuil Country Estate still remains one of the “hidden jewels” within the Durbanville Hills, offering not only splendid and stylish self-catering accommodation, but also a venue which can cater for just about any type of event.

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