Our River at Rondekuil

Posted on Thu May 12, 2022.

How wonderful to see the first of our winter rains today, refreshing everything around us.

Just after a bout of lighting, thunder and pouring rain, we dressed warmly, and took the dogs down to the river at Rondekuil for their walk. The wet grass and colder weather didn’t dampen their spirits at all, in fact they were full of bounce and had a ball running along the dry river bank.

At the moment, the river is dry and desolate, (pictured below), with rocks and pebbles lying waiting in silent anticipation for the winter rains. Our river normally flows beautifully (and very strongly, I might add), during our winter months, and then dries up during the months of October and November each year. The years when we’ve experienced heavy rains in the Cape area, the river, which is actually the source of Diep River that has its estuary in Milnerton, has continued to flow until the month of December, before beginning to dry up.

Tonight we took the liberty of crossing over the dry river bed to explore the bank on the other side of the river bed.

On both banks of the river there are beautiful tall trees, some might even be 100 years old, with one specific old and majestic tree being home to a swarm of wild bees. Once the winter is in full swing, we have many wild mushrooms growing along the banks of the river as well. There are those which can be eaten, I’m sure, but not being a expert in the field of mycology (the study of mushrooms), I think it’s wiser to err on the side of caution, and leave the mystical mushrooms where they are.

Many of our porcupines which roam around the Rondekuil Country Estate at night have their burrows down at the river, digging deep into the soft sand, they create a safe haven for themselves, and eat on the many insects and plant life found along the river.

There’s a whole new world to be discovered whilst walking along this river that borders the northern section of Rondekuil. and visiting guests and friends are always encouraged to explore the natural bounty on offer at the Rondekuil Country Estate.

A great cause for excitement for all on the farm, was the discovery of a Caracal (pictured below) on Monday morning, in our garden overlooking our conference and event centre.  He (or she, we didn’t get close enough to establish it’s gender), had wondered into the garden during the night because the gates had been left open, and was still trying to figure a way out by the time our staff started work on Monday morning.  Keeping our distance, we dug a hole under the fence, and the caracal harmlessly slipped under the fence, to run back to more familiar terrain This is not the first time that Caracal have been spotted at Rondekuil, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.


Visitors and guests to the Rondekuil Country Estate can be assured of not only experiencing a tranquil holiday away from the stress and hum-drum of the city, but they can also enjoy nature at its best.  All this only 10 minutes from Durbanville!

Both bed and breakfast accommodation and self-catering accommodation as well as a venue for conferencing, weddings and parties are on offer at Rondekuil Estates.

Our website also offers more information about our wedding and conference venue, which accommodates up to 140 guests/delegates and is proving to be very popular Guests can sip their drinks on the balcony, while watching yet another glorious sunset with un-interrupted views, stretching through to Table Mountain.   The views from the venue alone make it worthy of consideration, but we also offer a cash bar, secure parking, and of course, the venue is fully equipped for catering purposes.

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